I Guess You Can’t Win’em All…

Judgement Day, reunited in our borrowed hotel room

Judgement Day, reunited in our borrowed hotel room

We had our first show tonight as the opener on the Mates of State and Black Kids tour and man, it was a rough one. First off  everyone was running late all day so The Black Kids didn’t finish their soundcheck until the doors were already open and we had to do our whole soundcheck in front of the crowd. Then on the first song (Barrage) Lewis’s string slipped it took him about 5 minutes to fix it before the next song. At that point the crowd pretty much was already gone. They were bored and over it. When his string slipped a second time later in the set I was pretty much over it too. We finished the set and actually had a pretty cool jam in the last song (Genosha) but we left the stage pretty bummed. It was a huge, sold out show at a venue that treated us great on our last time out. It should have been amazing but it just wasn’t in the cards for us tonight.

Other than that we’re pretty stoked to be back out on the road. Jon made it on time and in one piece from his 3 day drive. Mates of State got a hotel room to shower in today but they are riding on the bus to Kansas City right now so we’re crashing in their room for free. It’s really sweet of them.

We have internet in our room and we got a very exciting email. It was the final mix of “Out of the Abyss” for our new 7″. It sounds sick! We recorded it live to tape so it’s way more raw than the version on our myspace. It’s going to sound amazing on vinyl. Our friend Dave Reep recorded it and he’s putting it out on his new label Third Culture Records in May. After hearing that mix tonight, we’re really excited about the release. The other side of the 7″ is just Lewis shredding for 3 minutes. We’re going to include the sheet music for that song as an insert. Oh my god, it’s going to be so sick!

I started writing a fantasy metal song on my computer tonight. It’s super over-the-top epic with lots of galloping and fast leads harmonized in thirds. I think it could be a cool song live. I’ll finish it and see if it’s physically possible for us to play.

Alright, Lewis has a genius bar appointment in Kansas City tomorrow at 3:00. His computer has been pretty messed up all tour so maybe he’ll finally be able to get it fixed. It’s a long drive from Minneapolis though, so I better get some rest.


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