Recording Begins

Greetings from Sea Ranch,

DAY ONE of work on our new acoustic record went excitingly well. We got the studio all set up and running at The Barn and had some epic fireside jams on some of the new material as well as some oldtime blues standards.  Jon has been experimenting with deadening his regular drum kit as well as playing buckets and other pieces of percussion. He seems to be really inspired. We all are!

We’re super lucky to have Riki Feldmann with us. Not only did he fix the house electrical power and assemble the entire studio, he has also been shooting a ton of photos and videos which, like all of his work, look incredible. This week will be well-documented for sure.

If you’re interested in following the recording process, you can do so on Twitter at We’ll be posting stuff there all week in addition to our daily Facebook posts.

FUNDING of the album is going well too. Thanks to our many supportive fans and friends we are well on track to meet our $2500 Kickstarter goal. We’re not there yet though, and that’s why we’re extremely excited that one very generous donor has offered to match all pledges made in the next week while we are recording. That means anything you pledge to our project from today until Sunday will be doubled, so please tell all of your friends to check out our Kickstarter page and pledge!

There are all kinds of fun rewards that you get for pledging at different levels but you don’t have to give much to get something super sweet. When you pledge $5 or more you the “digital surprise pack”. Here’s part of what’s in it:

- “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out (COVER)” – MP3
- More sweet rare MP3′s
- An exclusive printable sticker
- Links to secret, unlisted Judgement Day videos that will melt your eyeballs.
- More

What are you waiting for??


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