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Sneak Attacks, Parties and Grindcore Violin

This tour has been great! Here are some highlights so far:

Sneak Attacks at SXSW:

An amazing solo grindcore violinist that we played with in Indianapolis:
YouTube Preview Image

A crazy party at Football Frat in Chicago:
YouTube Preview Image

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Videos of Guest Singers and More

We had quite a time at the Lyres & Lace music and fashion show and managed to pull off a set with different guests on every song. Everyone did a great job. For those of you who couldn’t make it out that night, here are all of the videos:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

And a couple more:

Haight Street Fair

We were so busy practicing with all of the singers for the Lyres & Lace show that we almost forgot about our show on Sunday at The Haight Street Fair. It’s a good thing that we didn’t forget because it turned out to be a huge deal: we played in front of an estimated 20,000 people, our biggest crowd ever!

YouTube Preview Image

The Fort Gallery in Oakland

There’s nothing like a good Oakland warehouse show, and The Fort is one of the best warehouses in town. It was super dark in there so I was afraid we would not be able to capture any of the awesomeness on video. Luckily our good friend Dave Kluger showed up with a crazy miracle-camera and got this amazing video:

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European Tour Part 2

Here is a video of all of the best footage I filmed on our trip. I think it is a pretty good representation of our tour:

YouTube Preview Image


As soon as we hit Germany,  our casual European vacation turned into a full-on, epic rock tour. Dredg are heroes in Germany, and every night we played to over 1000 people. This was definitely the biggest week in Judgement Day’s life so far, and it went incredibly well. For all of the German shows we were also joined by another cool band called The Parlor Mob, from New Jersey. They fit perfectly into the bill with excellent musicianship and a sound vaguely reminiscent of classic Led Zeppelin. They seemed to be excited about our band as well. Their sound engineer Tony liked us so much that he ended up doing our sound for free, which made a huge difference for us.

The Prank

A few days before our show in Berlin, Dredg got a memo from the Berlin police department saying that they were looking for “Dradg” for questioning about some “property damage”.  Everyone in the band got really paranoid, so Drew Roulette (bass player) came up with a brilliant prank:

On the night of the Berlin show, he hired 2 actors to dress up like German police, come on stage in the middle of the set and arrest Gavin and Dino (singer and drummer)! It worked perfectly: Gavin and Dino were scared shitless!

Drew wanted all of the fans to think that the arrest was real for the first few days, so after the show we posted this video, which cuts off just before the prank is revealed:

YouTube Preview Image

Three days later we posted the full, uncut version:

YouTube Preview Image

Last Three Shows

Our last big German show was in Hamburg, which is a total party town. It’s kind of like the German Las Vegas: there are tons of bars and clubs, and gambling and prostitution are legal. There are transvestites and prostitutes walking around everywhere and sometimes they try to grab you. Lewis, Drew and I walked down the main prostitute street to check out the craziness and it was interesting. The clubs in Hamburg stay open all night so we celebrated our tour properly, drinking and dancing until 5am.

Two days later we played in Christiania, an anarchist commune town in the middle of Copenhagen where drugs are legal. The club there was awesome. It looked like a viking tavern – totally metal. The crowd was small so we decided it would be a good opportunity to practice for the Dark Opus 5th Anniversary show. We played Dark Opus all of the way through and it went way better than any of us thought it would. We got an awesome review from that show; one of the best live reviews we’ve ever gotten. You can read it here but it might give away a couple of surprises for this Thursday’s show.

The last show was in London, a city that I love. We played one of our best sets of the tour and the next day we flew home.

Summing it all up…

My friend let me borrow a Flip video camera for this trip, and I did my best to film cool stuff with it. I edited all of the footage together into a music video that I think sums up our tour well. Here it is – my official Dark Opus video for Pitfires of Hell:

YouTube Preview Image

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European Tour Part 1

I have been having a hard time writing on this trip. Every time I start writing something I decide it’s not worth posting, but we are now already halfway through our first European tour so I finally forced myself to finish something.

This is what I wrote a few days ago: “Well here we are, in Rome, Italy. The sun is out and the weather is warm. We woke up early today to go explore the city and saw all kinds of amazing ancient ruins and Renaissance architecture. Yesterday we had a whole day off in Venice, riding around in boats exploring narrow alleyways and eating delicious pasta. Obviously, this has not been our typical starving-and-sleeping-on-dirty-floors DIY tour.  This is as posh as it gets.”

It is true. This tour has been quite luxurious. The main reason is that we are splitting a tour bus with Dredg. Riding on a bus makes everything so much easier. We party, watch movies and sleep during the drives, and then wake up every morning exactly where we need to be. Riding with Dredg has been incredibly fun. There are eleven of us total riding on the bus and everyone hangs out and has a good time. It’s much easier to be traveling with a larger group of people because you don’t get sick of everyone. It also helps that everyone on our bus is chill and fun.

Bunks on the bus: our home for the month.
Bunks on the bus: our home for the month.
When we first got to the bus there was nobody there so we had to wait with all of our gear for a little while.
When we first got to the bus in Barcelona, there was nobody there. This is us waiting for someone to show up and let us in.

In addition to the luxury of the bus, the hospitality in Europe is absolutely amazing. Almost every day we find our dressing room stocked with gourmet cheese, meats, vegetables and sweets. Almost every night we have an amazing catered dinner with wine. They sure know how to treat musicians over here.

It hasn’t been all fun and games though. To help offset the enormous bill that we are going to get at the end of the tour we have been hustling extra hard to sell cds. We have been playing on street corners in the day and sometimes outside of the clubs when the shows get out:

YouTube Preview Image

We made a special European tour cd that we are only selling on this trip called Excerpts. It includes three songs off of our upcoming record Peacocks /Pink Monsters as well as all of Opus 3: Acoustic. It has been selling pretty well and it seems like people like it:

Only Available on the 2009 European Tour

Last night for Halloween we were in Dortmund, Germany. They don’t really celebrate Halloween here like we do in the US but we had a night off and we got into a show where The Hives were playing so that was pretty cool. Most of the rest of the shows on the tour are in Germany, which is where Dredg is hugely popular, so hopefully they will be good for us. I will try my best to publish reports of all interesting occurrences.



The super-awesome music blog Kata Rokkar is doing a ticket giveaway for the Dark Opus 5th Anniversary show. They are having a fun contest. All you have to do is describe what our music sounds like (and there is a song posted there) and the best description wins two tickets to the show. Details here: http://katarokkar.cribble.net/2009/11/kata-rokkars-judgement-day-ticket-giveaway/

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Life at Home and the New Dredg Record

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog entry. I’m sorry I never did a big post about the spring tour about dredg. We were just having so much fun that I didn’t have time to write much. I think dredg might have some of the best fans out there. Every night was great for us and all three of us, Jon, Lewis ad I came off of the tour with a new found sense of excitement about the future of Judgement Day.

We have mostly been taking June off. Jon has been working and playing with his other band VS Them. Lewis has been practicing cello, working around the house and will be playing some concerts with Berkeley Opera soon. I have just been hanging out in San Francisco, doing a few recording gigs and playing with my new band Devotionals. I had a great birthday party  a couple of nights ago. A bunch of cool bands played at it.

In July Judgement Day will be back in business! We’ll be appearing on the Chasing the Moon podcast on July 7th, which is going to be really sweet. It’s basically going to be a really high-quality video of a live set. Shortly following that we’ll be releasing our very first vinyl record titled “Out of the Abyss: Live on Tape” on Third Culture Records. To celebrate the release we’ll be doing a one week California tour. We’ll do a whole blog post about that release very soon.


There is a very exciting new record that was released last week and that is the new dredg record The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion. If you are a fan of dredg‘s previous records you’re definitely going to like it. If you’ve never heard dredg before I’d say this new record might be just the place to start. In addition to the healthy handful of polished, catchy prog-pop songs, it also has some of the craziest interludes that I have ever heard. We’re talking backwords children’s choir through vintage ring modulator type of shit. Actually, I honestly have no idea how they came up with most of these crazy sounds but I’m definitely feeling it.

The other added bonus for on The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion is…. us! Judgement Day is featured on 4 tracks:

Track 5: Lightswitch – We don’t do much on this one but we’re on it and it’s one of the better songs on the record.

Track  12: Mouring This Morning - We put some sweet disco string hooks on this uber-catchy prog-soul number.

Track 14: Long Days and Vague Clues - A crazy evil circus song on which we get to totally shred (see video below).

Track 18: Stamp of Origins (Horizon) – The sorrowful album closer.


Although we only worked on that record for a few days it was truely a great experience. The members of dredg as well as the record’s producer, our friend and colleague Matt Radosevich are all great artists and collaborators, continually excited by prospects of musical exploration. Whether it was late-night percussion jam sessions or ultra-precise string overdubs the process was always fun and fulfilling.  That spirit is present throughout the record.

Check it out on itunes.


YouTube Preview Image

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Live at Emo's – Video

We just filmed this with a laptop on stage. We wanted to release this whole show but our ghetto-ass minidisc audio recorder kept skipping and only got one song all the way through. Here it is:


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Tomorrow Judgement Day Reunites in Minneapolis

It’s been fun playing with the Mates. We’ve had some great shows and some great fun. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting up with Jon and Judgement Day will be opening and riding in the minivan for the next Month and a half. We can’t wait.

Here’s a fun video that I found on youtube from our Manhattan show:

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We are coming back for another great night. Always the best crowds, always the best parties, always the best after hour jams. See you Friday.
YouTube Preview Image

Late night jam after our last Chico show in Spring of 08.
Erik Khun – Guitar

Nolan Ford – Guitar

Lewis Patzner – Guitar

Anton Patzner – Violin

Jon Bush – Video Camera

We blogged about this trip. This is the link to that entry.

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Pictures, Videos and Recording From Our 2-Month Journey

Practicing with Margot Before tour:

Late night jam with Margot – San Francisco 10/6/08

Rocking out in Norman, Oklahoma – 10/17/08

photos by Kriea

Live on South Street in Philadelphia – 11/9/08
Our set got cut short this night so we decided to play the last song out on the street after the show. Thanks to Joe for the video.

Live from Minneapolis – 11/17/08
FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Klagenstuck Live in Minneapolis
Hear the rest of the set at The Live Music Archive .
Thanks to John Coughlin for taping.

Live in Omaha – 11/20/08

If you have any other cool videos, pictures or anything else worth checking out let us know.

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We’re very excited to announce that we will be touring the US for 2 months this fall supporting first Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s and then Dredg. So if you’ve been waiting for us to come to your town, this is it. Help us spread the word!

Tour Dates



Iowa City

Old Brick Church


Denver, CO

The Blue Bird


Salt Lake City

Kilby Court


Reno, NV



San Francisco

The Independent


Los Angeles

The Troubadour


San Diego

The Casbah


Phoenix, AZ

The Rhythm Room





Austin, TX



Houston, TX

The Mink


Norman, OK



St. Louis, MO

Billiken Club



Louisville, KY

930 Listening Room


Indianapolis, IN

Murat Arabian Room


Bloomington, IN

Buskirk Chumley


Columbus, OH



New York



Supporting Dredg


St Petersberg, FL

State Theatre


Fort Lauderdale

Culture Room



The Social



Jack Rabbits





Richmond, VA

Canal Club – Downstairs Lounge


Boston, MA

Paradise Rock Club


Providence, RI

The Living Room


Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live


New York

Highline Ballroom


Harford, CT

Webster Theatre



Theatre of Living Arts


Rochester, NY

Water Street Music Hall


Cleveland, OH

Agora Theater






St. Andrew’s Hall



The Rave II



Varsity Theater


Madison, WI

Majestic Theater


St. Louis



Omaha, NE

Sokol Underground


Denver, CO

Bluebird Theater


Salt Lake City

Avalon Theater

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